Birds are a nuisance in public areas and are known to spread disease. Birds like pigeons and gulls, for instance, locate the ideal place to roost on roof tops, ledges, and abandoned structures.

Bird droppings include diseases and mites that are harmful to human health, in addition to increasing the cost of cleaning commercial and residential structures.

Our Bird Removal Service

Regulations and legislation specify which seasons of the year bird nests may be removed. For instance, it is illegal to demolish gull nests once the breeding season starts.

Inquiries on whether a nest can be removed should be directed to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Call Ashford Pest Control to find out more about your options. An expert licence is required to remove a nest.

It is strongly advised against cleaning bird-infested areas yourself because bird guano (or droppings) may contain pathogens and other pests, such mites.

The task can be completed quickly, effectively, and safely by a professional bird control team that is equipped and qualified.

Specialist Bird Control Services

Futher Services

For leading bird control services in Wilmslow, by qualified RSPH technicians, call Wilmslow Pest Control now, on 01233 423334

Emergency Service

For emergency services please call 016253 22313

how to remove birds

There is no best strategy to get rid of birds; instead, it frequently requires a combination of techniques.

Because some kinds of birds are known to carry diseases, DIY bird control is not advised.

The best course of action is to contact experts in bird and pest management who can assess your needs and offer guidance on the most effective means of removal and deterrent.

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